Engaging with our stakeholders

It is important for us as a business to ensure we work operate with high ethical standards and do this by engaging this our stakeholders openly.

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Our key stakeholders are those who most materially impact our strategy, or are directly impacted by it. Engagement with stakeholders is essential for us, as a security business, with our role in society, the global nature of our business and substantial workforce.

Understanding stakeholders’ interests helps us define our strategic priorities and guide our initiatives.

how we engage



Key Stakeholders

How we engage

Key areas of interest

Our response and KPI's


Our employees touch the lives of others every day, providing crucial services to help keep society safe and secure.

Operations which promote secure and stable communities

CSR Materiality Review with key stakeholders

Community-engagement programmes

Tax and economic contributions

Government relationships and parliamentary engagement

NGO and UN agency engagement

Industry forums

People and Values

Ethical and sustainable

business practice; including:

Health & safety

Human rights

Anti-bribery & Corruption

Employee standards and behaviour

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

UN Global Compact: Communication on Progress

Global employee-engagement survey

Engagement with Parliamentary committees

Industry forums including: International Security Ligue, British Security Industry Association, Confederation of British Industry

MP surveys and site visits, especially to detention facilities


Through understanding our customers’ needs we can offer value-added, innovative, cost-effective security solutions and build enduring relationships.

Relationship management

c150,000 customers

Bidding processes

Customer service

Net promoter score

Quality and price of service



Health & safety

Business ethics

3.2% revenue growth from core businesses in 2017

Customer retention is on average around 90%

24,000 customers surveyed using net promoter score in 2017, with improvement in most regions

Feedback from unsuccessful contract bids


The company actively seeks to engage with shareholders on a regular basis.

One-on-one meetings between management and shareholders

Group investor meetings hosted by management

Results announcements and trading updates

Participation in investor relations association and best practice events

Annual governance meetings with the Chairman

CSR updates with the Chair of the CSR committee


Financial performance

Strategic direction and coherence

Governance and risk management

CEO and CFO met with shareholders representing over 65% of the share register and 205 institutions

3.2% revenue growth from core businesses in 2017

5.7% adjusted earnings growth from core businesses in 2017

£527 million operating cash flow from core businesses in 2017

Final dividend increased 5% in 2017


With around 570,000 colleagues, G4S is one of the world’s largest private sector employers. Our success is underpinned by the way we lead and engage with our people..

HR core standards set the framework for employee engagement.

On-boarding, induction and refresher training

Biennial global all-employee and senior management engagement surveys

Works councils and employee representative forums, including through UNI, the global union, with whom G4S signed a global Ethical Employment Partnership in 2008

Newsletters, videos, employee self-service portals, and intranets

Specific campaigns on health & safety, values and Speak Out whistleblowing arrangements

Values recognition schemes

Company performance and plans

Compensation and benefits

Training and career development

Health & safety

Values, CSR and recognition

Feedback from 428,000 employees in 2017

Access to survey extended through mobile technology and number of languages available

Increase in overall favourable responses from 82% (2015) to 84% (2017)

Feedback from consultation committees and works councils

Nominations for employee recognition awards

Reduction in staff turnover from 27.6% in 2016 to 25.3% in 2017

Fatalities, serious injuries and road traffic incidents down around 30-50% since focus was applied and investment was made in these areas


We have a responsible purchasing policy consistent with our business ethics.

55,000 suppliers

Contract and relationship management

Supplier Code of Conduct

Purchase to Pay process

Supplier performance – service delivery and product quality

Payment terms

SME engagement

Rationalised suppliers

Commitment to the UK Prompt Payment Code

Member of the UK Government Contract Finder portal to promote use of SME businesses





An important part of our stakeholder engagement is to ensure we have open dialogue with socially responsible investment investors and analysts.

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HErmes investment management

"We have seen positive changes at G4S. An important catalyst for this change was the appointment of its new CEO. The new CEO has recognised the need for cultural transformation through the consolidation of the company’s business structure." 

Slavery and Human trafficking statement  

Our Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement describes the actions we have taken to help prevent modern slavery.

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Corporate social responsibility

The Group’s approach to corporate and social responsibility is now firmly embedded in the Group’s business processes, from employee recruitment and supplier management to bidding and contract delivery.

CSR Report