Societal Impact

We play an important role in society. We make a difference by helping people to operate in a safe and secure environment where they can thrive and prosper.
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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) call upon business to advance sustainable development through the investments they make, solutions they develop and the practices they adopt. We have identified fifteen social and economic impacts where G4S supports the broad realisation of the Goals and makes a positive difference to society and communities around the world. Within these, we have a specific focus on Goal 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) with ‘Health and wellbeing’ and ‘Job creation’ and Goal 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions) with ‘Prevention of crime’ which closely align with our strategy and operational expertise.

Social-economic impact

   ARA Supporting the criminal justice system Icon Supporting criminal justice system  
   ARA Providing care Icon Providing care  
   Privacy vs Security balance Privacy vs security balance  
   Protection of assets Protection of assets  
 CSR Priority - Employee and wage benefits Employee wages and benefits  Consulting on risks Consulting on risks  
 ARA 2018 people development - Award and tick People development  Support in post-conflict zones Support in post-conflict zones  Health and wellbeing Health and wellbeing
 ARA Taxes Paid Icon - Pie Chart Taxes paid  Support of economic reconstructionSupport of economic reconstruction  Job creation Job creation
 ARA Interest and dividends paid Icon Interest and dividends paid  Raising industry standards Raising industry standards  Prevention of crime Prevention of crime
 Low Medium High


Priority sustainable development goals for G4S

 Health and Wellbeing

The nature of G4S’ work and the
environment in which we operate may
become hazardous. Mitigating this risk so
that our people and those in their care
can remain safe and secure every day is
a strategic priority for the Group. G4S is
investing in safety awareness training
and intervention as part of an ongoing
programme to enhance the safety culture
of the company and security industry and
achieve its goal of zero harm.

Job Creation

G4S provides direct employment to
546,000 people around the world. Through
its supply chain and employee expenditure,
G4S indirectly supports the creation of
hundreds of thousands of further jobs
worldwide. In helping to create safer
environments in which businesses may
prosper, G4S can also contribute to the
attractiveness of investment by businesses
into new communities and the creation of
further employment opportunities.

Prevention of Crime

G4S delivers a wide range of specialist
security services that mitigate the risk or
impact of criminal behaviour and help to
create safer communities. A key focus of
our Care & Justice Services operations is to
confront and address offender behaviour
and work towards their rehabilitation and
positive reintegration in the community. 


Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) call upon business to advance sustainable development through the investments they make, the solutions they develop, and the practices they adopt.

In our report, we have mapped case studies against the SDGs to highlight where G4S is helping to advance the SDGs through our programmes and operations. Read more on how G4S supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals here. 

UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Materiality review

We direct our sustainability activities through the three priority areas identified in our materiality review. Our focus on these areas enables us to maximise the positive elements of our wider socio-economic impact and helps to protect against negative impacts. Together, our materiality review, social impact mapping and priority areas present a complete picture of how we identify, understand and manage the impacts which we have. Read about our material issues here

UK economic impact

The breadth and scale of G4S’ operations in the UK mean it has the potential to make a significant impact through the economic value and jobs it generates, whether directly through its own operations or indirectly through its value chain.

download our UK Economic impact reports below: