Carbon Emissions

G4S recognises that the threat to the natural environment and infrastructure from climate change is an important and ongoing concern for our Group, our customers, our shareholders and our employees.
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We are undertaking an in-depth review of our current approach to environmental impact and reporting, with the aim of developing a new climate action strategy.

G4S businesses based in the UK have committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions. A programme to review our approach and develop a full road map and science based targets to achieve this ambition is underway, and will begin implementation later this year.

We follow WBCSD and WRI Greenhouse Gas Protocols to measure our Scope 1 and 2 emissions - vehicle fleet, fuel, refrigerants and electricity usage for G4S businesses over which the Group has financial control. In addition the Group has measured Scope 3 emissions from employee business air travel.

The businesses that reported data in the 2020 GHG measurement represent around 88% of the Group’s activity within our financial control, across a 12 month period. This level of measurement, including each of the Group’s main service types, allows reliable calculation of the total GHG emissions for 100% of the Group.

During 2020 we have experienced a significant reduction in our global carbon emissions, resulting from the divestment of the majority of our carbon intensive Cash Solutions business and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

GHG Emissions Chart

  2020  2019   2018 
 t/CO2e GHG emissions per £m revenue  36  50  55
Total GHG emissions t/CO2e  272,955  422,461  444,556
Of which, UK is  12.3%  12.3%  13.9%
  *Based upon 88% measurement  2020  2019  2018
  Vehicles (inc refrigerant)  141,774  224,912  235,162
  Total Buildings (inc refrigerant)  73,040  117,501  127,489
  - Inc electricity emissions of  52,497  95,502  98,948
  Air Travel  6,328  15,338  14,354