Employee Retention

Attracting and retaining the best people continues to give G4S a competitive advantage as well as ensuring we deliver the best results for our customers.
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Employee Retention

As one of the world’s largest employers, we recognise that there are challenges in attracting and retaining employees in such a diverse range of regions and countries. We face risks associated with recruiting, training, engaging, rewarding and managing people, as well as ensuring we retain critical talent to deliver increasingly sophisticated services through our employees. Screening and vetting is a particular challenge in some territories, which lack supporting infrastructure from the relevant authorities. Any incident where our people fail to meet expectations of customers and other stakeholders could lead to financial and reputational damage. It is possible that the integration of Allied Universal and G4S may increase, for a period, some or all of our people risks. 

The Group’s mandatory human resource standards cover core requirements for delivering the HR strategy, such as ensuring that employees are screened, inducted and trained to perform their jobs, and that there are appropriate mechanisms in place for managing employees working in higher risk roles such as those carrying firearms. Compliance is self-assessed annually and reviewed by local, regional and group teams. Additionally, key HR controls are tested by internal audit during visits to the businesses. Staff turnover is a key indicator to us of employee satisfaction, and reducing it improves service excellence and reduces recruitment costs. During the year staff turnover remained consistent with 2019, at 24%.

Mitigation priorities for 2021

Allied Universal and G4S are employing dedicated integration resources and a number of tools designed to mitigate risks in this area of the business in 2021. Engagement with employees takes place at all levels and in multiple ways throughout our businesses. In 2021 a variety of new initiatives such as the Global Inclusion Council and the implementation of a new Business Ethics Code can be platforms to engage with employees and seek their ideas and feedback on important issues. In parallel with the launch of the new Code, the Global whistleblowing system, Speak Out, is being refreshed to encourage employees to raise any concerns if they see or know of any practices or circumstances that do not align with our values, behaviour or our new Code. Compliance with our Core HR Standards continues to be self-assessed and reviewed by local, regional and group teams as well as tested by internal audit. Particular focus is placed on the revised Screening and Vetting Policy, as well as reviews of in-country labour supply, laws and regulations. Direct support is provided where appropriate to enhance compliance with our standards. 

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